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G-Literati: VoW | Shabdavali kicks off its 7th Edition from Indore

By: Dr Tania Saili Bakshi

The Valley of Words, Literature and Art Festival|Shabdavali is set to host its 7th Edition from multiple-cities starting off from Indore. In partnership with The Daly College and AFS India the Literary festival will be hosting the ‘Young Adults Vertical’ on 10th August, 2023.

This annual event at the 150 year old prestigious institution will witness a literary one-day festival that aspires to inculcate the love for reading among school going students.Organised by The Daly College, Valley of Words|Shabdavali and AFS India, students from over two dozen schools from all parts of the country get the unique opportunity to interact with VoW authors and get first-hand insights from them.

Five authors from the festivals 2023 longlist under the Young Adult Vertical will be attending the one-day event and take part in activities based on literary themes that revolve around their body of work. It will also give young-minds an insight into reading, novel writing, writing as a career, literary criticism, reading as a hobby and much more.

A supporter of promoting the love for reading, the hostess, Dr. (Ms.) Gunmeet Bindra, Principal The Daly College Indore who strongly believes that no graphic or digital form of knowledge can ever replace man's best friend, the 'book,' said, “hosting G-literati at Daly College in collaboration with Valley of Words|Shabdavali and AFS India for the second consecutive year brings me immense delight. I hope we can give our children a world in which they will read, and be read to, and imagine, and understand. This literary extravaganza paves the way for new realms to be explored and nurtures a profound ardor for literature.” She further added, “ This is a collaborative endeavor, it holds the promise of perpetuity, serving as a testament to the undeniable truth that reading is the quintessential refuge for the soul. Anticipating an enduring affiliation with the Valley of Words|Shabdavali, we aim to provide a truly enriching and gratifying experience for the young intellects.”

Thrown in is a book fair on the campus that will give students the opportunity to grab books of their choice and get them personally signed by the authors themselves. An experience that the students will cherish forever as they enter a vibrant reading environment and take a step towards becoming avid reads.

Adding more about the upcoming event, Dr Sanjeev Chopra, Festival Director stated, “ Valley of Words is delighted that for the second year in a row, the shortlisted as well as longlisted books of Young Adults will feature in G-Literati, the literary and cultural festival at India s finest public schools The Daly College Indore.’ He further added, “Gunmeet Bindra, who now helms the school has a deep Dehradun connect, and is a well-known educator not just in India, but throughout the Commonwealth. Like VoW, she believes that education must be holistic, and that the pedagogy for young adults must be based on interactive learning , as well as the ability to ask critical questions.”

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