Knowledge Verticals 

VoW's diverse initiatives and area of operations


English Writings

Why we do it

  • Take the Indian point of view of the world

  • Encourage talent

  • Establish intergenerationally and cross-cultural connect

How we do it

  • Book awards and book launches – Recognize English writings by Indian authors

  • Thematic events – e.g., featuring women writers

  • Conversations – with book award winners and other acclaimed writers of the English language

Hindi Sahitya

Why we do it

  • Mainstream the medium and its literature

  • Contemporize by providing a platform for upcoming talent

  • Intergenerational connections for preservation and growth of the Hindi language

How we do it

  • Book awards and book launches

  • Afternoons with an Author

  • VoW in your city – featuring events around local and social issues 


Bharatiya Bhasha

Why we do it

  • To make the writings, cultural norms and literature transcend boundaries

  • To establish a cross-cultural bridge

  • Mutual Reconciliation and appreciation

How we do it

  • Book awards – Recognize translated works through book awards

  • Afternoons with an Author – Nearly 10 sessions annually bringing authors and literary icons of Bhartiya bhasha; to connect with a wider audience

  • VoW in your city – Curated dialogue about regional, cultural & social themes

  • Podcasts – To preserve and spread musings and oral histories

VoW & Teens

Why we do it

  • Look beyond the immediate

  • Place facts in perspective

  • Promote nuance and critical thinking

  • Understand  the Why (when, where and how)

How we do it

  • Book awards – the only award doing so in India

  • All-India school and college debates

  • Podcasts


Military History & Strategy

Why we do it
   • Seek new dimensions and perspectives
   • Mainstream the unacknowledged
   • Preserve and popularize research and writings

How we do it
   • Events through MoU’s
   • Book reviews
   • Panel discussions and Afternoons with an Author
   • Felicitations

Ecology & Environment

Why we do it

  • Create awareness / arouse consciousness to highlight the urgency and importance of the issue

  • Provide intellectual rigour towards enabling an informed audience

  • Establish a dialogue bridge for various stakeholders

How we do it

  • Book review

  • Panel discussions with environmentalists and ecologists

  • Afternoon with an Author

  • Thematic events – nature walks

  • Podcasts