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Crowdera Funding Program for Valley of Words

“We are back with the seventh edition of Shabdavali | Valley of Words 2023 Arts and Literature festival!

VoW is committed to showcasing the best of Indian literature and arts. We firmly believe in making these experiences available to everyone, while simultaneously remaining a free and open-access festival.

We are starting a Crowdera crowdfunding program to help us create resources for people to be a part of the festival and give everyone a chance to meet and interact with the various writers, artists, activists, bureaucrats, critics, and many others who come together from all over the world to be a part of VoW each year.

Crowdera Crowdfunding Program

This would be a clear-cut crowdfunding program, where you would be able to choose which vertical you would like to donate to, and the accounting of it all will be available on our website for you to look through.

We are committed to transparency and our administrative overheads are well below the accepted norms of ten percent of the overall budget of the festival.

You can make a general donation or choose how your funds should be utilised. We have several broad heads at the Festival within which you could find your specific area of interest. For example, if you are a military history buff and would like to motivate young students to consider a career in the Indian Defence forces, you may like to suggest that your donation is primarily used for the MHS (Military History and Strategy) vertical.


If you would like us to utilise the funds only for promotion of a specific genre within the creative arts, like Iti Nritya or Iti Natya, we will ensure that your funding is primarily used towards that. 

Our Knowledge Verticals

MHS 2.png
MHS 1.png

Lord Brahma says: I give you the fifth veda Nāțyashāstra – replete with śāstra (knowledge/ text), śilpa (art/ craft) and itihāhsa (legends, stories, myths).

There is nothing that is not found in nātya, it is the imitation of life and its learnings.

Valley of words is beginning with a new vertical Iti Nritya. It will be a platform for upcoming dancers of all Indian classical dance forms to showcase their performances on our stage.

Why we do it:

  • To encourage young upcoming dancers

  • To spread awareness about our rich intangible art form – dance

  • To create an informed audience

How we do it:

  • Giving and opening to young dancers to apply

  • By selecting three artists from all over the country to perform on our stage

  • Creating an archive of the presentations for everyone to view.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 123402.png

Other Verticals

You may also like to request that your funds are used to support the literature and review ecosystem through subsidising our special editions of The Book Review or the Tadbhav, or towards any of our knowledge verticals for the VoW Book Awards.  

All donations received, if for an unspecified avenue, will be redirected to the cause which most urgently requires funding at the time of receiving it. We hope you will be able to trust our judgement and transparency in assuring you that your funds will be used appropriately and with due consideration. 

Your Support Will Make a Difference

We hope you will consider supporting Shabdavali | Valley of Words 2023. Your donation will help us make the Festival even better!”

REC- VoW Book Awards 2024

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