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Authors from the Valley with Aloke and Maanas Lal

The seventh edition of ‘Authors from the Valley’ at VoW Café hosted Dehradun’s own Aloke Lal and Maanas Lal discussing their latest bestseller “Murder in the Bylanes: Life and Death in a Divided City” set in Kanpur of the 90s.

Aloke and Maanas together touched upon their upcoming books, their publishers and how they choose which ones have to be co-written. Talking about co-authoring Aloke Lal said, “Like other partnerships this coming together of father and son has its up and down moments.” Adding, “My colleague is a stickler for perfection and brooks no mistakes, minor or even imperceptible ones. We resolve our differences amicably and quickly. It's a pleasure to work with Maanas. This child is a good father of man!”

The father and son shared insights into Aloke Lal’s debut book ‘The Barabanki Narcos’ screen adaptation and a web series based on the book to be launched towards the end of the year.

The session was moderated by Shruti Bali, a part of the DAV Mantrana Society.

Talking about ‘Murder in the Bylanes: Life and Death in a Divided City’ Festival Director Sanjeev Chopra stated, “The book is not only a gripping page turner, it also holds important lessons on how to build trust and confidence. Very valuable addition to the corpus of books on law and order administration, urban policing and crime fiction!”

Present at the occasion were Mr Ravishankar, Mr. Manoj Panjani, Mr Rajendra Dobhal, Dr. T.N. Jawahar, Mr Arun Pratap Singh, Uday and Retu Chatterjee, Commander Ravi Juyal and Mrs Nidhi Juyal, Mr Anil Raturi and Mrs Radha Raturi, Mr Randheer Arora, Rashmi and Sanjeev Chopra, Ms Sneha Bharadwaj, Mr Bikram Singh, volunteers from the DAV Mantrana Debating Society, among others.

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