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A Sunday afternoon rendezvous with Pooja Marwah

Dr. Tania Saili Bakshi

Pics Courtesy: Sneha Bhardwaj

Speaking at the 9th Edition of ‘Authors from the Valley,’ at the VoW Café - Gallery - Library – Studio, Pooja Marwah stated, “we are often questioned about our genre of writing. Its almost as though we are categorised into sub sections that span between fiction, non-fiction. Mystery thriller or romance,” and it is the ease with which one weaves through them all that sets Pooja apart.

"We werent born to be caged but to fly free." And it is this message that she discussed with a close-knit of like-minded audience, cutting across all age groups at the VoW Café.

Relationships between people have always fascinated her and having recently completed a psychology course, Pooja further enjoys people and their quirks. "I think us humans have this innate ability to complicate life's simple pleasures," she added on a lighter note.

Pooja Poddar Marwah is someone who wears many hats. An Indian author, columnist, blogger, corporate counsellor, speaker, content creator and child psychologist. Her debut book, ‘Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny’ stands as a testament to Pooja’s unwavering belief in the power of faith. It was nominated by the Valley of Words Literature Festival, and was also a finalist under the English Fiction category by the International Book Awards 2020, U.S.A. It has also won two digital awards as well as been featured across various publications, both national and international.

The event was moderated by Sahib Sablok at present, Head- PR & Marketing, Graphic Era Group of Universities. Sahib an avid traveller, blogger, singer and an ardent critic of music and film along with being a seasoned communications professional with over seven years’ experience in Corporate Communication brought his expertise into the discussion.

Festival Director, Valley of Words, Dr Sanjeev Chopra believes, “engaging with her made it clear that even as she calls her column 'random', her thoughts are quite organized , and her writing is very focussed. She is a great raconteur , and connected the ephemeral with the profound in the most convincing manner.”

At present, Pooja has her hands full. She is working on launching a newspaper (The Soaring Eaglet) for children, with the sole aim to empower them with happy positive news. She is considering a visual adaptation for her debut novel and working on the screenplay for the same.

A laid-back evening at the VoW Café had the audience in rapt attention as they listened to a conversation on life, relationships and on the myriad inward daily struggles, yet ending on a positive note.

So what is her favourite quote?– ‘Life is all about finding someone who shares the same crazy as you! Keep looking,” she happily signs off.

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