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Submission Guidelines

VoW - REC Book Awards 2024


Valley of Words (VoW) | Shabdavali, a not-for-profit initiative of the Valley of Words Foundation Trust based in Dehradun, will conduct its 8th edition with a Festival held in Dehradun between November/December 2024, and events with partner institutions in cities/campuses across India from August to December, 2024.


The Valley of Words mission to acknowledge the best of Indian literature is showcased through the VoW Book Awards in eight categories. The Longlist of ten books in each category is brought down to five Shortlisted titles by an eminent Jury, around which are designed the English Literature and Hindi Sahitya, Young Adults and Children Vertical of the Festival.


REC was incorporated in 1969 to energise  the agriculture sector to reduce  the dependency of agriculture on monsoons. A 'Maharatna' company under the administrative control of the Ministry of Power, it has evolved and expanded its financing mandate to cover the entire Power Sector comprising of Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Renewable Energy and  Infrastructure Sector. It is registered with RBI as Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), Public Financial Institution (PFI) and Infrastructure Financing Company (IFC).


Nominations are invited for the next edition of the VoW-REC Book Awards during the period of January 15th — March 15th, 2024



  • Submissions are accepted from all registered publishing houses having offices within the territorial jurisdiction of India. Additionally, the Publisher must be subject to Indian Laws. 


  • All books which are submitted must have a registered ISBN number or equivalent indicator recognised by international book repositories. Individual nominations/self-publications are accepted provided they have a valid accompanying ISBN number. The Individual nominations/self-publications must also conform to the rules of submission, registration, short-listing, and other pertinent steps. 


  • There is no limitation on the number of submissions in each category. In other words, a publisher may send multiple books by different authors across categories. 


  • The publisher must have the consent of the author to submit the title or titles to the VoW-REC Book Awards 2024. In addition, the publisher must secure the consent of the author to participate in promotional activity, including publication of the author’s name and image, in connection with the VoW-REC Book Awards 2024, upon the request of VoW.

  • Nominations are accepted in the following eight categories:

    English Fiction 
    English Non-Fiction
    Translations from Languages of India into English 
    Hindi Fiction 
    Hindi Non-Fiction
    Translations from Languages of India into Hindi 
    Writings for Young Adults – Bilingual (11-16 years)
    Children’s Literature – Bilingual (5-10 years)

  • Eligible titles must have been published in print during the course of the previous calendar year (January 1st to December 31st, 2023). Each entry should be the author’s original work or an authorised translation into Hindi or English. 

  •  Three identical physical copies of each book must be submitted by Indian Speed Post or Courier by the Publisher / Individual Applicant after filling out the nomination form (which can be accessed at Nominate a Book – Valley of Words). The category of adjudication for the book(s) must be clearly stated.

    It is hereby clarified that e-copies of any book will NOT be accepted for adjudication.
    Bikram Singh
    VoW Café-Studio-Library-Gallery, 
    Buddha Chowk,
    Sahastradhara Road,
    Dehradun 248013
    (+91 94129 20447)

  • Only those books received till 23:59 hours on the 15th of March, 2024, will be considered. Any book received after the above stated timeline will be deemed to not have been  submitted. However, the VoW Foundation Trust reserves the right to extend the date for filing the nomination(s). It is clarified that proof of posting a submission is not proof of receipt by the VoW Foundation Trust. The VoW Foundation Trust will not accept any responsibility for submissions that are delayed, misdirected or otherwise lost prior to receipt.

  • Nominated books are maintained in the VoW Café’s Library space, which is entirely open-access to all. Select books are also donated to other libraries /partner institutions in the country to ensure the widest possible reach of the nominated literature. 

  • Books will be received in good faith, with the presumption that plagiarism checks have been completed prior to nomination. The VoW Foundation Trust will not be liable for any issues pertaining to plagiarism or any connected issue which may come to light at any point of time, even after the Awards have been given.

    The following publications are not eligible for submission:

  •  Academic Books and Thesis, Edited Volumes, 

  • Anthologies or Books written by more than one author, 

  • Reference Books, 

  • Text Books, 

  • Guide Books, 

  • Educational Materials including books made of open access 

  • Study-Materials, 

  • Manuals, 

  • Reprints and 

  • Television, Radio and Film Tie- ins/Trivia

  • A panel of judges, including at least one member who is independent of VoW, will select a Longlist and Shortlist from all valid entries received in accordance with the evaluation criteria. 

  • The judges’ decision for the VoW-REC Book Awards 2024 is final and binding and cannot be contested. No correspondence will be entertained by the VoW Foundation Trust from the authors or publishers in this regard.

  • Shortlisted entrants shall be sent notifications of their short-listing and the shortlisted titles will be posted on the VoW Website on or before 30th June 2024. 

  • The Shortlisted entrants will be asked to confirm their physical presence at the Valley of Words International Literature and Arts Festival in Dehradun and or at partner institutions during the course of the year 2024.      

  • The eight finalists from all valid shortlisted entries shall be announced across social media handles of VoW|Shabdavali on or before 30th September 2024.

  • All winners for the VoW-REC Book Awards 2024 will be invited to attend VoW 2024. The Prize and citation will be awarded to the winners during VoW 2024.

  • VoW 2024 is envisaged as a physical event. However, the VoW Foundation Trust reserves the discretion to modify the event to a virtual/online format based on prevailing circumstances. In case the event is modified to a virtual/online format, the Shortlisted Entrants will be informed expeditiously. 

  •  The VoW-REC Book Awards 2024 are not open to employees of VoW Foundation Trust or to the Board of Governors, or to their family members, nor to anyone else connected with the aforementioned Awards.

  • It is clarified that the shortlisted entrants must comply with the terms and conditions as stated in the Letter of Shortlisting.

  • The VoW Foundation Trust reserves the right to alter the adjudication method/team/leadership structure for VoW 2024, as it deems fit.

  • The VoW Foundation Trust reserves the right to not award a prize in any category whatsoever without disclosing the reasons thereof.

  • Indian Laws shall govern the VoW-REC Book Awards 2024 and any dispute arising in this regard will be subject to adjudication solely before the Jurisdictional Court in Dehradun, India.

    For further details or information, please visit our website or write to us at

    Come, join us as we celebrate the word – and beyond…

REC- VoW Book Awards 2024

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