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VoW 2019 - Speaker

Ganesh Saili

Ganesh Saili is a Mussoorie-born author, who grew up in these hills and from an impressionable age, he has trekked the high mountains recording in words and pictures the magic of the mountains. He has written and illustrated twenty books of non-fiction. Some people take to photography; others to writing but Ganesh belongs to that select band of people who write their own text and illustrate it with their own pictures – stretching from the age of analogue to the digital. His work has found publication in numerous periodicals, columns and journals. Some of these books have been translated world-wide into over two-dozen languages.

What comes through is a living testimony of his love for the sheer swiftness of the wind, and the magical air of the Himalaya. In Wandering Through the Garhwal Himalaya, he takes the reader gently by the hand through the hills of home in search of the footsteps of those wanderers who down the centuries have walked this narrow path to leave their hearts behind forever. With more than fifty years of research as his base, this quintessential free bird, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry in images. What emerges from his writing is a voice of Uttarakhand.

Many honours have come his way including the the Panorama Film Festival Award in Houston for a screenplay on the mystery lake of Roopkund; later the Sanghi Trophy and the National Award for Travel Writing in English.  Presently he is working on a definitive history of the hill station that has been his home.

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