Valley of Words :VoW ! Dehradun November 17,2017

Madhuban Lawns


Titan Hall

Blue Star Hall

 (1000-1130 hrs)

The Inaugural Session

Naveen Chopra/ Robin Gupta/CS//Governor/CPMG/

Gurcharan Das//H.P.Kanoria

Release of the First Day cover

(1200-1315 hrs )

With Malice Towards None:

Remembering Khushwant


Sir Mark Tully/Harish Trivedi*/Rahul Singh/ /Syeda Hamid*

Chair : Ravi Singh

(1215 - 1315 hrs)

Launch of the RST Forum by PD Rai, MP

Release of the Book on Dr RS Tolia by SK Das, NS Naplachayal and BK Joshi

Tributes to Dr RS Tolia  ( curated by Priyanka and Krishna)

1245  -1300 hrs

Inauguration of the Philately exhibition  by Sunil Advani and CPMG curated by Abhai Mishra

(1140-1250 hrs )

Hindi Ka Vartman Aur Bhavishya

Rahul Dev, Suresh Rituparna, Alok Mehta,Baldev Bhai Sharma

Chair : Kamal Kishore Goenka

 (1330 -1430 hrs )

Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister

Sagarika Ghose with Satish Sharma and Anjali Nauriyal

Chair :TBD

1340-1500 hrs

Mountain Echoes

The Changing Landscape : Anup Shah

The Decadal Journeys  - Askot to Arakot : Shekhar Pathak and Uma Bhat

Migration and Livelihoods  : IMI/SDFU

Chair : PD Rai

1300-1400 hrs

Victoria Cross : A Love Story

Ashali Varma in conversation with Lt Gen PK Singh

Chair : Maj Gen Ian Cordozo

(1315 -1400 hrs )

Remembering Shivani

IRA Pande /LS Bajpai/Rakhee Bakshi

Chair:BK Joshi

(1500-1600 hrs )

1971  : India's Decisive War

Maj Gen AJS Sandhu, VSM/Lt Gen TS Shergil, Maj Gen Shamsher Singh

1500-1600 hrs

The Himalayan explorers

The Rawat Brothers (session to be curated by Lokesh Ohri with Survey of India )

1415-1515 hrs

Book Launch : One Life

PK Basu in conversation with Upma Chaudhary and Swpn Dutta

(1410-1515 hrs )

Democracy is Eleven : The Amazing History of Indian Cricket

            Rajdeep Sardesai  in conversation with Dev Lahiri

                  Chair : Sunil Advani

1615-1715 hrs

A serious Affair  : The Graphic Novel , Comics and the world of Tintin

Vikas Singh in conversation with Neha Bahuguna and Hemant Kanoria


1630 -1715 hrs

                         Book launches

Hum Bhi Ghumakkar : Sher Singh Pangtey

Saga of a Native Explorer : Surendra Singh Pangtey  ( to be curated by Dhriti Dhaundiyal)

1530 -1630 hrs

Yuva Lekhan

Om Nishchal, Anant Vijay, Vivek Mishra, Arun Maheshwari, Pankaj Dubey

Chair : Leela Dhar Mandloi

(1530-1615 hrs)


Indira Gandhi : A Life in Nature

Jayram Ramesh in conversation with Bhavdeep Kang / Chair : Anjum Katyal






Poetry Café 1

Dolly Singh,Rukmini Bhaya Nair,Rajni Sibal,Sunil Bhandari

1630 - 1730 hrs

If Music be the Food of Love

Neelam Man Singh/Rani Balbir Kaur/Surjit Pattar

Chair : Nirupama Dutt




 From 1800 hrs

Jashn - e Adab  with Aloke Lal and Jaskiran




Valley of Words :VoW ! Dehradun November 18,2017

Madhuban Lawns


Titan Hall

Blue Star Hall

1030-1130 hrs

The Taliban Cricket Club & The Imperial Agent:

TN Murari

In conversation with Bhaskar  Ghose

10 00-11 15 hrs

Stree Shakti

Chitra Mudgal , Maitreyi Pushpa , Kusum Ansal , Mamta Kalia , Savita Singh

9 30-10 30 hrs

The Ascent of John Company: From Traders to Rulers (1756-1787)

by G S Cheema

In conversation with Upma Chaudhry & M Rajiv Lochan

9 30-10 30 hrs

Reclaiming the Wilderness

 A  presentation by  Pradip Krishen

Chair:Jairam Ramesh

1130-1230 hrs

Mr. & Mrs. Jinnah  by Sheela Reddy

Kiran Doshi, Ravi Singh

To be curated by The PUNCH Magazine


11 30-12 30 hrs

Security Architecture in the country

Capt.Raghu Raman,Madhukar Gupta, Subhash Joshi,

Chair : Gen PK Singh

10 40-11 40 hrs

Crafts of Uttarakhand:Book Launch by DC handicrafts

Rashmi Bharti


10 30-11 30 hrs

Trading Partners & Warring Neighours

A Session Indo-China

Maj Gen PJS Sandhu,Mohan Guruswamy,Lt.Gen PK Singh,Prakash Nanda

1245-1400 hrs

Jammu & Kashmir:The Road ahead

Yashwant Sinha,Ashali Varma,Lt.Gen Syed Ata Hasnain


12 45-13 45 hrs

Vyang Lekhan

Satish Agnihotri,Ashok Chakradhar, Prem Janmejai, Sushil Siddharth,

Chair : Narendra Kohli

11 50-12 50 hrs

Small Holder Agriculture,New Techniques and Value Chains

Partha Das Gupta with Bhaskar Reddy,Sudhir Chadha, Mahendra Kanwar

Chair :Vibha Puri Das

11 40-12 40 hrs

Do Comets have roots?

Nitin Bahuguna,Suchita Malik,

Chair :Robin Gupta

                    1430-1530 hrs

Aaj ki taaza khabar: A  dialogue on   Contemporary themes

Apoorvanand in conversation with Pushpesh Pant and Vinod Dua

14 00-15 15 hrs

Caught by the Police:The Life Story of Dr.Anand Swarup Gupta

Harsh , Deepak and  Madhukar Gupta Chair : PK Basu

13 00-13 50 hrs

Lost Heritage:The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan

Amardeep Singh in conversation with Khushwant Singh

Chair:Pammy Kohli

12 45-13 30 hrs

Suyasha Mookim and Subhashish Chattopadhyay

Book Launches with Rukmani Bhaya Nair

1545-1645 hrs

Anand Neelakantan with Mayank Shekhar,

Anjali Nauriyal I

15 30-16 30 hrs

And What remains in the end

Robin Gupta, RI Singh, Anjum Katyal


14 10-15 30 hrs

Poetry Café 2

Bhaskar Ghose,Raghvendra Madhu,Anjum Katyal,Medha Singh

14 00-14 45 hrs

Rani Singh: An Officer & His Holiness

In conversation with Thubten Samdup (Songsten Library)


17 00-18 00 hrs

Revolutionary poetry

Inquilab Shayari by Aloke Lal

16 30-17 30 hrs

Book Launch

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, Bhavdeep Kang, Nirupama Dutt

15 45-16 45 hrs

Green Ink: New Authors

Curated by The Booknerds

15 00-16 00 hrs

Chitra Madhavan

Symbolism & Art in Temple Structures

Chair :

Songs of Hope

Nirupama Dutt  with

Red Brick House  Chandigarh

& Bobby Cash


1700-18 00

Kisse KahaniyaanNeha Bhauguna , Sargam Mehra and Chair: Savita Singh

16 00-17 00 hrs

RI Singh in conversation with Bhaskar Ghose and Raghav Chandra




17 15-18 00 hrs

Dadi Pudumjee

Valley of Words :VoW ! Dehradun November 19,2017

Madhuban Lawns


Titan Hall

Blue Star Hall

10 00-11 00 hrs

Veerapan Story

T.Vijay Kumar with Aloke lal


9 45-10 45 hrs

Ashok Kumar,Lokesh Ohri,Rakhee Bakshi

10 00-11 00 hrs

Pradeep Chakravarthy

Chair :Chitra Madhvan


10 30-11 45 hrs

India Can

Ravi Nawal in conversation with Bharat Joshi, Chair : Sunil Advani

11 15-12 15 hrs

Limping to the centre of the world and Chanakya Returns: T N Murari

in conversation with Shashidhar Sharma

Chair: Chidanand Mun

   11 00-12 00 hrs

The Ocean of Churn &

The Land of Seven Rivers

Sanjeev Sanyal in conversation with Abhinav Kumar

    11 15-12 15 hrs

Sustainable Development Goals and the way ahead for mountain states

Curated by IMI with SDFU  

12 00-13 00 hrs


Many Everests

Ravindar Kumar in    conversation with LBSNAA Faculty

12 30 -13 30 hrs

Law and Literature

Justice Dhuliya with

Balram Gupta, RI Singh and Sanjay Pinto

12 15-13 30 hrs

TARANA : Lyrical Poetry in Hindi

Budhinath Mishra, Om Nischal, Mantra Kiran, Dr. Rajendra Gautam

12 30-13 30 hrs

Battle Field Tourism

Hemant Katoch,Lokesh Ohri ,Chair:PJS Sandhu

13 30-14 30 hrs

Tribute to Pankaj Singh curated by Savita Singh + Book launch of Megha Singh

13 45-14 45 hrs

What a Life : A Kaledio scope on Rajendra Puris’  Cartoons

Arvindar Singh  in conversation with  E.P.Unny, Partha Chatterjee

13 45-14 30 hrs

Anita Agnihotri in conversation with Prof Nagendra Kumar

13 45-14 30 hrs

Security Forces and Human Rights: A Vexed Debate

Chaman Lal, Arvindar Singh,Meera C Borwankar

14 45-15 30 hrs

Book Launch of Pankaj Dubey with Milee Ashwarya


15 00-16 00 hrs


I Allan Sealey with Bhavdeep Kang

14 45-15 45 hrs


Shatrujeet Nath in conversation with Shashidhar Sharma

14 45-15 30 hrs

Finding Neema

Juliet Reynolds, Meenaxee Raj, Chair:Rajni Sibal

15 45-16 30 hrs

Ocean of Cobra

Murad Baig in conversation with Ira Chauhan Chair : T.N.Murari

Book Awards

15 45-16 30 hrs

Anjum Katyal:Literature in Translation


15 45-16 30 hrs



16 45-18 00 hrs


Tarun Vijay, Narendra Kohli /LS Bajpai

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat




Mohini Foundation  presents :

The Genres of Indian Music




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